Best Types of Photography You Should Know

15 Types of Photography In the era of camera phones, people are constantly clicking and…

Best Types of Photography

15 Types of Photography

In the era of camera phones, people are constantly clicking and sharing their photos; This camera phone exposes people to photography and visual imagery in various forms. We see photos shared by our friends on social media, we see advertising campaigns in shops; Photography is used to communicate or express to viewers.

Many people click pictures every day but, few of them know that this different kind of photography has inspired photographers? When we get to know different types of photography, we gain knowledge about various genres that may suit our photography habits.

Let’s take a look at these 15 photography genres:

Aerial Photography:

When we are flying or above the ground, we are always trying to capture the beautiful scenery that we see below us. For example, when we are on a flight, we always try to capture the landscape view that we can see from above. This is called aerial photography.

French photographer and hot air balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, took a major aeronautical photograph in 1858. He tested it for a long time before he could make the photograph. He had captured the French town of Petit-Becetre from the heatwave, 80 meters above the ground.

Architectural Photography:

Framing the colors, shapes, layouts or art of any structure can be soothing to the eye. All visuals of monuments or buildings belong to this genre of photography. The interior and exterior of the building can be framed, but a challenging aspect for photographers is remembering lighting and distortion.

Candid Photography:

In this form of photography, we capture the moment as it happens. The object is not noticed by the photographer, so it looks natural and therefore the image becomes very relaxing.

Expert tip:

Use very long zooms to capture candid shots. If you are going to use a short zoom lens, then the object may notice that you are framing it so you can miss a relaxing, natural image.

Documentary Photography:

This is manual drawing used to highlight a particular image or story. This genre includes manual images that make up photo stories. These are all representational images that may include war stories, science, fiction, and more. In this genre, we always try to capture all the details that ultimately result in an image that tells a story.

Fashion Photography:

This type of photography is basically used to advertise something and eventually sell it. This genre includes product glamourization that makes a product look attractive so that customers want to buy it.

This type of photo must be taken very creatively and sharply. We can capture it anywhere like, in the studio, in the apartment or anywhere outside the room. We have to do pre-shoot preparation before framing the product. Preparation can include make-up, style, location, lighting and of course the model plays a very vital role.

Food Photography:

Every day we are served at least something at the dinner table or in a restaurant. Food served, clicked and shared by us in the form of images. The photography used by restaurants, websites or bloggers to attract customers and sell their products is called food photography.

Expert advice:

Food photography is most likely taken in natural light. Using flash is never recommended when taking food, as it can include unwanted things in our images. This is a big NO in this style. Using a flash can make our food look greasy and natural colors can fade from photos.

Landscape Photography:

This type of photography is one of the most popular types of photography. In this genre, beautiful landscape photography, the impact of environmental conditions is carried out. We are always happy to capture beautiful scenery when we see calming and beautiful scenery.

If we want a perfect landscape shot, then we have to maintain the right lighting. Using a tripod is always recommended as camera shake can result in shaky images that won’t look good. Using a high shutter gives us perfect images because the desired amount of light may enter the camera and our images may look bright and sharp.

All-Night Exposure Photography: When it gets dark, there are beautiful aspects that the viewer cannot see with the naked eye and the camera can do that for us. This photography is mainly focused on knowledge of light, shutter and aperture.

In order to get the perfect part of these photos, we need to be comfortable enough with the camera’s manual mode so that the correct settings can be applied.


This type of photography is very similar to documentary photography. This includes photography of events that are happening now and then being shared around the world.

For example, whatever we see in newspapers, news, or magazines, everything is the result of photojournalism.

This includes photography of unexpected events at the planned place. A photographer has to reach the right place at the right time to make it happen perfectly.

Conceptual/Fine Art Photography:

This genre of photography includes storytelling. In this genre, we create our own stories and characters in contrived environments. We should have an idea of ​​how our output will look and how we can plan to create it.

Photographers are always trying to send a message, idea or emotion through these photos.

Portrait Photography:

In this type of photography, all focus is made on the mood or expression of the object. This is an imaginary subject for photographers. Portraits can be full-body portraits or close-up shots. Whatever pictures we take, our faces are the most in focus.

It must be remembered that the image must be sharp and well focused. The eyes should be specially focused because they bring out the maximum emotion. Jokes can be told once we have to make a good mood out of our object.

Sports Photography:

This is a type of photography that includes framing fast-moving objects or in action. This sporting event was captured using a very long lens.

Expert tip: It’s OK to use a high ISO when clicking this type of photo. With a high ISO, it is possible to create a high shutter speed, which in turn produces quality images. We can change the angle accordingly and can get various pictures.

Street Photography:

Capturing something in our daily life or in a public place is most likely referred to as street photography. This is similar to candid photography. In this genre, photographers visualize real-life scenes or behind-the-scenes images, but honestly the focus is on popular tourist objects or attractions.

A photographer must observe every little aspect that is around him. Once a story is visualized, the image must be captured.

War Photography:

This genre works in areas where war is ongoing, or is ending. The photographers even risked their lives to take these photos. These pictures or stories can be recorded even after the war is over.

War photographers’ photography equipment should be simplified enough to change lenses and cameras according to the situation. It is strictly forbidden not to carry heavy accessories. Heavy accessories can get us in trouble if an adverse situation comes.

Wildlife Photography:

This is a very distinctive and challenging type of photography genre. We had to be very quick with our angles and with our camera setup. One mistake from us can miss a perfect or desired shot. The image itself can speak if clicked in the right habitat.